IB Physics

About IB Physics

IB Physics, a course from Group 4 (Experimental Sciences) of the IBDP is deemed one of the most difficult subjects to manage. However, it is one of the fundamental subjects for further studies in science and engineering and is also, conceptually, one of the most interesting subjects to cover in school. With interest, practice, focus, and the right guidance, IB Physics can be both a rewarding and important subject to study and excel at.

IB Physics typically involves a 2 year course with seamlessly interlinked practical and theoretical lessons that aim to enable the student to be scientifically creative and knowledgeable. One is expected to apply and evaluate scientific information, value scientific collaboration and communication, and be aware of the ethical implications and limitations of using science and technology.

IB Physics HL Syllabus

IB Physics tends to stick very closely to the published syllabus. However, many questions do appear ‘out-of-syllabus’ simply because students are also required to think out of the box instead of merely regurgitating facts and figures, and memorizing formulas. Hence it is not sufficient to be just familiar with with the Physics syllabus topics, but additionally, a student needs to understand and prepare to apply the concepts thoroughly.

The topics covered in the IB Physics HL can be divided into four categories:


Additional Higher Level (AHL)


Practical Scheme of Work

Measurements and uncertainties

Wave phenomena


Topic chosen for internally assessed individual investigation



Engineering physics

Practical work arranged by school and otherwise

Thermal physics

Electromagnetic induction




Quantum and nuclear physics



Electricity and magnetism

Circular motion and gravitation

Atomic, nuclear and particle physics

Energy production

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