Our Team


Harvard B.A., Harvard M.A., UC Berkeley J.D., UCLA LL.M

Tiffany grew up in Dallas, Texas, and graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in East Asian Studies. After graduating with a Master’s in Japanese studies also from Harvard, Tiffany studied law, interning at Warner Bros., the Writers Guild of America, and the Environmental Law Institute. With a J.D. and LL.M. from UC Berkeley and UCLA, respectively, she went on to work at UCLA and a law firm. Interested in helping others to achieve their higher education goals, she taught for Kaplan in Los Angeles before joining Prep-Zone in Singapore. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys surfing, practicing martial arts, and learning Bahasa Indonesia.


Washington University in St. Louis

Olivia has a lot of international educational experience. Born in China, she went to elementary school in the U.S. before attending Singapore American School for middle and high school. She scored 2320 on the SAT –with a perfect score in Critical Reading— and earned the AP Scholar with Distinction award. In 2015, she graduated from Olin Business School, ranked 4th in the U.S., with a BS in Business Administration and a minor in Communication Design.

Having volunteered as a tutor for inner-city kids all through college, she realised she’s happiest teaching kids, and came back to Singapore to follow her passion. Before teaching at Prep Zone, she was the logistics manager for SYNEK, a multi-million dollar start-up in the beer industry.


MBA, Emory University

Having secured admissions at Chicago, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon, Viv completed his MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School as a Woodruff fellow. In his professional life, Viv has worked as an innovation manager and management consultant in US and Europe. He is a member of British Mensa – the high IQ society. Over a period of 12 years, Viv has helped candidates get into their dream programs, comprising the whole gamut of top-ranked schools. He specializes in US business schools.


University of Pennsylvania

Chelsea graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in International Relations. She wrote her thesis on the effect of the Chinese emerging middle-class buying into the European luxury goods sector. At university, Chelsea was involved in environmentalism, philanthropy, tutoring, and several student publications. In her spare time, she enjoys photography. Chelsea is originally from central Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Meghan Smith
University of Southern California

Meghan graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Global Health. She scored a 33 on the ACT, with 36’s in English and Reading. At university Meghan’s favorite activities were coaching a youth soccer team and attending every single home football game. She was a reading tutor for elementary students in Los Angeles and taught English in Italy. Meghan is originally from the Washington DC area.


Sooyeon Namkung
Emory University, University of Pennsylvania

Sooyeon majored in educational studies at Emory University. She continued her studies by earning a M.S.Ed in higher education from University of Pennsylvania. Her graduate studies was focused on international education and admissions. In her spare time, Sooyeon enjoys traveling, baking, and reading fiction.


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Shanara joined Prep Zone after completing her Bachelors of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Michigan. Shanara has been tutoring various mathematics topics for over five years. Her students range from primary to university level. One of Shanara’s strong suites is her patience as she’s worked with many struggling students including those with learning disabilities.

Shanara loves Mathematics, but more important than that she loves to get others as enthusiastic about it as she is. “There is no better feeling in the world than when a student leaves a session with a better understanding of the subject matter than when they came.”


National University of Singapore

Abhishek graduated from National University of Singapore with a major in Engineering Science and minor in Mathematics. He has been tutoring high school students in mathematics and science for over four years. He won the Bronze Award at the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and a coveted trophy for NUS at the Bridge Design Competition organized by NTU.

As much as he enjoys teaching, he loves cooking and experimenting with different ingredients. In fact, he has been cooking ever since he was ten years old and loves the way food makes him unfettered on a personal level.


National University of Singapore

Rishi is a Chemical Engineering Graduate from National University of Singapore. He has been in Singapore for almost a decade now, and has been teaching Math and Science for much of the time he has spent here. He has grown in popularity among his students for his simplistic teaching style and self-proclaimed humorous persona. He is a senior trainer at Prep-Zone who has helped over 250 clients get their desired Math scores in various standardized tests. If you don’t like Math, well he is the ideal trainer for you.

When he is not teaching, he takes a keen interest in environmental economics and sustainability.


Carnegie Mellon University

Vis graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations and Politics. His studies took a uniquely quantitative approach to issues of global politics and foreign policy. Vis grew up in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and subsequently came to Singapore to teach at Prep Zone. Even while an undergraduate student, Vis taught underprivileged fourth-graders English and Mathematics, and helped them enjoy learning. He also gathered and analysed data as a research assistant in CMU’s Social and Decision Sciences Department.

Spelling and grammar have always come naturally to Vis; he is passionate about linguistics, and loves to learn new languages. He grew up natively bilingual in English and Tamil, and has studied German and Japanese as well. Vis believes it is important to continually learn throughout life; he hopes to one day travel the world, perhaps even for a living.


National University of Singapore

Originally from Mumbai, India, Chaitanya arrived in Singapore 11 years ago as a recipient of the SIA Youth Scholarship. He graduated with a degree in Bioengineering from the National University of Singapore, where he was also part of the University Scholars Programme. His test scores have been exceptional, scoring a 2210 on the SAT Reasoning test, and a perfect 2400 on the subject tests. He has also scored a perfect 170 on the quantitative reasoning section of the GRE.

Chaitanya has worked as a research assistant at the prestigious Mechanobiology Institute of Singapore. His work has resulted in two research papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Chaitanya has extensive experience teaching mathematical and scientific concepts for various tests, both at beginner and advanced levels. He enjoys making abstraction and theory relatable, and getting students excited about learning science.


Yale University

Poojha graduated with an MBA from Yale University in 2003. While at Yale, she worked on the Admissions Team as an Admissions Interviewer and learned first-hand about what it takes to get into ivy-league schools. She has been advising students on their college applications over the last 12 years and has successfully helped them get accepted into top-ranked universities including Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Oxford, Imperial College & NUS. Prior to working at Prep Zone, she founded an Education Consulting business in India, worked with an investment bank, established a trading business in China and a University Admissions Consulting Division for the Princeton Review in Bangkok.