PQA Preparation Classes

What is the PQA test?

Over the last few decades, there has been a recurring debate over the criteria that should be utilised in the choosing the most suitable candidates for Medical schools. While academic qualifications are undoubtedly important, they’re not adequate and increasingly medical schools are testing non-academic personal qualities. For instance, the Situational Judgment section of the UKCAT, Multiple Mini Interviews and the Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA test) required by some Australian Universities like the University of Adelaide and the University Newcastle.

The PQA is designed to test the student’s cognitive skills and personality traits. There are four sections on the test:

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    Mental Agility test

    It is designed to measure fluid intelligence and is similar to many IQ tests.

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    Interpersonal Values Questionnaire

    It describes a number of situations where people have to decide what to do according to their opinions or values. It does not have any right or wrong answers and is meant to test the value system of the candidate.

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    Interpersonal Traits Questionnaire

    presents statements about people and lists the way individuals might think and behave in certain situations. Candidates are asked to indicate how true or false each statement is about themselves.

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    Personal Characteristics Inventory

    It asks respondents to rate themselves on statements designed to establish how honest they are about themselves and how truthful they are about their thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

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