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Any student planning to pursue medicine or dentistry in the UK at the undergraduate level requires to take either the UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) or the BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) – two standardized tests that all medical schools require as an admissions test. Although more schools use the UKCAT for admissions than the BMAT, many candidates take both the tests in order to maximize their choice from a larger university pool (no one test can substitute the other). To sum up, all UK universities and colleges:

  • Require the UKCAT or BMAT to be taken by students applying into medicine or dentistry courses.
  • Have a specific preference – some colleges use the UKCAT for applications, others use the BMAT
  • Do not substitute the BMAT for the UKCAT or vice versa.
  • Allow you to take both the exams only once in an admissions cycle, with the results from each exam being valid for only the admissions cycle in which the exam was taken, or for one or more than one year (for students applying as deferred entries).

Hear what our students have to say


Classes were engaging and the teachers were very well versed with what was expected out of the test. However the classes did not fully capture the problem with time management or how to cope under the timed conditions, so a ‘mock’ exam for each subsection would have helped. Apart from that everything else was great!


Great. I would recommend the individual lessons, but not the group courses. Some of the teachers were very good and helpful, but I feel like I benefited much more from the last few weeks of individual classes before the test than I did from the months of group classes.


I really loved the course structure, and the support I received. All the trainers were excellent at balancing a group, while also paying attention to individual needs in the group sessions. The trainers helped me in areas I struggled and the tips provided for time management and strategy helped me achieve a final score that exceeded my expectations.


The group classes provided a stimulating learning environment that was both engaging and rigorous. The rigorous individual sessions with my trainer were useful in brushing up my answering technique and ensuring that I was able to answer quickly and accurately. The Prep Zone trainers were also willing to help and I appreciated that I could approach any of the UKCAT Trainers for answers when I had questions. The books available for loan were also a useful and convenient resource that I used frequently to practise. All of these played a big role in helping me improve my score and I am grateful for all the help Prep Zone has given me.

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