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About the LNAT

The National Admissions Test for Law, or LNAT, is a test that helps universities select applicants for their undergraduate law programmes. While school-level qualifications such as A-levels and their global equivalents remain central to the selection process, applications to some law schools both in and out of the UK require LNAT.

LNAT is an admission requirement for the following UK universities. Besides LNAT, you still need to apply to the universities in the normal way through UCAS. Sitting for the test will not constitute an application to any university.

For UK Law programmes, you must take the LNAT in the same year as your UCAS application. You can only sit the test once in one cycle (September to June). Additionally, the results cannot be carried over from one year to the next.

University of BristolCourse codes M100, MR11, MR12 and MR13
Durham UniversityCourse codes M101, M102
University of GlasgowCourse codes M114, M1R7, M1R1, M121, M1R2, M122, M1R3, M1M9, M1RR, M1R4, M123, MN11, MN12, MV13, ML11, MQ13, MQ15, ML17, MV11, MV15, ML12, MR17
King’s College LondonCourse codes LM21, M100, M121, M122, M190
University of NottinghamCourse codes M100, M101, M1R1, M1R2
University of OxfordCourse codes M100, M190, M191, M192, M193, M194
SOAS, University of LondonCourse codes M100 LLB and all other combinations including Law. M102 LLB Senior Status does not require the LNAT
University College LondonCourse codes M100, M101, M102, M141, M142, M144, M145, M146
The London School of Economics and Political Science Course code M100

Non-UK Universities that require LNAT

The LNAT is also an admission requirement for the law degree programmes at the following non-UK universities.

  • Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • IE Law School

LNAT Test Format

  1. Comprehension (95 minutes, 42 Multiple Choice Questions)
  2. Essay Writing (40 minutes)

Comprehension consists of 12 argumentative passages with 3 or 4 multiple-choice questions on each. Questions are based on contents of the passage provided and no specific prior knowledge is required. Questions are designed to assess comprehension, interpretation, analysis, synthesis, induction and deduction.

Essay Writing

Essay Writing tests the student’s ability to argue economically to a conclusion and demonstrate a good command of written English. While the essay is not graded, it is passed unmarked to the LNAT-participating law schools you apply to.

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