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The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a mandatory part of the application process to any undergraduate programme in the US.

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About the SAT

The SAT consists of three sections: Evidence-based Reading & Writing, Math and an optional Essay. The Reading & Writing and Math sections account are graded on a scale of 200 to 800 while the Essay section is graded on a scale of 6 to 24.

Reading & Writing

This section includes a reading test and a writing and language test. Each test is composed of multi-paragraph passages and multiple-choice questions. The reading test measures the comprehension and reasoning. The writing and language test assesses expression, grammar, usage and punctuation.

Essay (Optional)

This section asks students to read and analyse and argument and write an effective response. The essay section is optional, however many universities either require or recommend completing the Essay section and use your essay score as part of their evaluation. Hence, it is advisable to complete this section.


This section includes multiple choice and student-produced response questions based on the math that college-bound students typically learn during their first three years of high school.


The SAT format bears a strong resemblance to the ACT.

Format4 compulsory section and 1 optional essay section4 compulsory sections and 1 optional essay section
Negative penaltyNone (always guess!)None (always guess!)
ReadingTests understanding of four types of passagesLess focus on archaic vocabulary and more focus on evidence instead
MathTests a few more topics like complex numbers and trigonometry while focusing less on planar geometryTests a few more topics like complex numbers and trigonometry while focusing less on planar geometry
EssayA different essay format that tests the response to 3 perspectives on any topicThe essay uses a new format and the score is not included in the composite score out of 1600
Total scoreThe raw score is converted to a scaled score from 1-36The raw score is converted to a total of 1600, 800 for Math and 800 for Verbal

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Prepzone has enabled me to perform to the best of my abilities. The friendly tutors, quality of teaching, top-notch facilities and the convenient study materials provided have produced a desirable learning environment. This has undoubtedly facilitated my process of preparing for the SAT!

Shisheer Choudhary

Great tutoring, both SAT Physics and regular score improved drastically after tutoring.

Conor Byrne

PrepZone was an amazing experience! The teachers are very qualified and super friendly. There are so many specialized books that one can borrow. The facilities are excellent and I love the location too. What I liked the best about it was that I could drop by anytime for a practice test and get the results within a couple of days, based on which I could book personalized lessons as per my convenience!! A great place to make learning fun!
Thank you so much for everything!!

Ruhani Suri

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